Deploy OctoBot in the cloud on

Easily deploy and test OctoBot in the Okteto cloud: will be online in a few seconds.

1. Register on Okteto, you can simply use your github account.

2. Deploy the last version of OctoBot using this link: okteto one click deployment

3. Your OctoBot's deployment is starting, it will only take a few seconds.

okteto build

4. Access the management interface of your OctoBot using your Okteto app link, here ""

okteto deployment succeeded

Free deployments on Okteto are temporary: they are a great way to quickly try OctoBot but will last only for 24 hours. It is nevertheless possible to restart your OctoBot instance by pressing the "Wake All" button. Using a developer pro account will enable you to have a permanent deployment.

Your OctoBot is ready

Ways to install OctoBot

Using the executable

Simply download and start the executable for your system and launch your OctoBot directly from home.

Using a cloud

Deploy your OctoBot in the cloud for free using one of the automated cloud deployements options

With Docker

Deploy your OctoBot on the environment of your choice in one command using Docker.

Or install OctoBot directly from its python code.