Your OctoBot on your computer

Option 1: The executable

1. Download the latest version for your system:
- Windows
- Linux
- MacOS
You can even use OctoBot on Raspberry pie with an ARM64 OS.

2. Start the downloaded executable. OctoBot opens a terminal and installs its configuration environment and the OctoBot management interface opens automatically.

Option 2: Docker

1. If you don't have Docker, install it on your system. Documentations for Ubuntu, Debian et Raspberry pie.

2. Download the OctoBot image using the command:

  • docker pull drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

3. Start your OctoBot using the command:

  • docker run -itd --name OctoBot -p 80:5001 -v $(pwd)/user:/octobot/user -v $(pwd)/tentacles:/octobot/tentacles -v $(pwd)/logs:/octobot/logs drakkarsoftware/octobot:stable

The management interface of your OctoBot is available on port 5001 of your system. http://localhost:5001/ or http://ip-address:5001/

See the complete documentation on using OctoBot with Docker

Your OctoBot is ready

Ways to get your OctoBot

On your own computer

Download and launch your OctoBot directly from home.

Or install OctoBot directly from its python code.